Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My scary history "The girl with the white dress in my room"

Well in my house have happened too much things, I really don't know why, no body have told me nothing that happened in that house sometimes is scary sometimes isn't. In my room in the middle of the night I always like at tree I always see a girl standing in front of me she always had a white dress she always is looking down like crying or something like that.

I sometimes get scared at that but she doesn't do anything she is just like right there every night when I get up in midnight. And some other nights is a girl in the corner of the room is a girl sitting down with a black dress she is scary but i don't like look at her because she is always crying that's scary to me because when I see her I feel weird I feel like if she is going to kill me or something like that.

The scary thing is that they always are there in the night and then after that I can't sleep until the morning. But the weird thing that’s that happened to me in some other houses like when I was living in Tijuana in my house happened the same thing to me but it was like the first time and I got so sacred I run with my mom but she didn’t believe me, but the time that I was there The girl was going into my room I didn’t get scared because I was sleepy I was going to the bathroom she was with a black dress then when I’d went back to my room she wasn’t there. Then in the morning I told my mom but again she didn’t believe me I was so confused I thought it was a dream but I was sure that I wasn’t. I want it to know why was that or who was she at least then I thought maybe she from this house maybe she just want to be here for a moment or just visit that house that maybe it was her house before, or maybe someone kill her there and she just want to know if that guy or girl still there I didn’t know, then my mom told me just forget it maybe all that it was just a dream I was confused.

Then she didn’t appear till now in this other house now I know that it wasn’t the house now I now that was me Maybe she is following me I just want to know who is she and why is she following me I know that if I told this to someone they are not going to believe me so I need to find it by myself. I now that it’s going to come out one day and I know that I’m going to know who that little girl that is following me all this time. But the weird thing It’s that sometimes she is with a white dress and sometimes she is whit a black dress and that make me more confused. Well this is my history. THE END!!!

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