Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alphabet Essay

Aardvark, this is an animal that is like a rat he is big and can have babies, he is ugly and gray. He has an ears really big and mouth like a pig.

Bengal Tigers, these animals are so cute but so dangerous, they eat others animals and they can have babies. They are yellow with black stripes, I like those animals but they can eat me in a second.

Camels, these animals are inoffensive they can transport people over the world they are big and they have two big balls in their back. They are like dark brown and black.

Dolphins, these animals are cute and they are inoffensive too, they live in the sea they are like a fish. These animals are very smart they can be smarter than a dog, they are like gray too, and they can have babies too.

Elephants, these animals are really big they are strong animals sometimes they are inoffensive if you don’t do nothing to them, because if you do something they can kill you because in those moments they can be a killers, these animals are gray and they can have babies too.

Flamingo, these animals I really don’t know them too much but I know that they are cute they are a little bit big and they are white with like red. These animals sometimes are in the water and in the sand but mostly in the grass.

Giraffes, these animals are too big their neck are really big I like these animals because they are lovely and you can play with them I have seen these animals in the zoo and I don’t know where they come from. These animals have circles brown with lines like white these animals are so cool I like them.

Hippopotamus, these animals are big and have a big head, they are kind of cute but worst at the same time, they live in the water, they can have babies and they have a big mouth they can opened really big. They are gray with pink.

Iguanas, they are really small you can put them in your hand, they are cute and they are inoffensive. They eat vegetables and fruits. Long time ago I had one but she died. Well they are green and they have too many colors in their body.

Jaguars, these animals are big and dangerous. They eat others animals and they can have babies. They have spots around their body and they are black with white. They are cute but you can’t trust in them.

Kangaroos, these animals are big and cute; they have a long tale and big feet, and the weird thing is that they have like a bag in their stomach and their babies can stay there. These animals are brown.

Lion, these is my favorite animal in the world they are cute but they are dangerous they can have babies well just the female lions. These animals are big and they eat others animals, these animals are kind of yellow or brown.

Marmoset, (albino pygmy) these animals are weird are like to small like a finger they are cute but weird at the same time. These animals have like the hair white and the other parts are black with pink.

Newt, these animal is really grows is like an iguana but a little different like different colors, this animal is like orange and like brown.

Orangutan, these animals are big they have a lot of hair in their body and they are inoffensive they live in the forest they are always jumping around everywhere and they mostly are in the trees they are a little bit like the humans they have hands and everything they can do a lot of things. And they are like brown and light brown.

Penguins, these animals live in the southern hemisphere they are always in the water and they eat fish they are not that tall. They have their babies in eggs. They are like black and white these animals are offensive.

Quail, these animal are small they are like bird or something like that they eat insects and similar small prey, they are rapid and flight. They are like orange, brown, black, and yellow.

Rhino, these animals are big and they can be dangerous in some times, like when you are bugging them they can kill you with their big horns in their head, they are gray.

Somali, these animals are like the Zebras but they have stripes in the legs they run fast and they are cute.

Tree frog these frogs are really small, they are green and have big eyes.

Uakari, they are a very short monkey with a very short tale, red face and bald head. It generally weighs less than 9 pounds. Each of which is considered vulnerable to extinction.

Vulture, these animals are ugly and they are always there when you died, to eat you these animals are weird when you are going to died they fly in circles and wait until you died to eat you these are very scary animals. They are black with white and pink in the head.

White tiger these animals are very dangerous, like their name they are white with black stripes, they carry their babies in the mouth but they eat them when they are hungry.

Xenoglaux this animals are very quit, they have big eyes they are scary they can spin their head all around its scary.

Yariguies brush-finch these animals are like a bird they are cute they live in the trees this animals are cute and they are like black with yellow and orange.

Zebra these animals are like horses they run fast and they are the food for the lions and all that stuff they can be very good animals and very cute too they are white with black stripes or black with white stripes I think nobody knows that.

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