Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My New Identity

If I have the opportunity to make a new life in this world my name would be Catalina Contreras and I would live in Paris I would be a really good person with everybody, I would like to have too much money to give money to the people that need some. I would be a really cute person with too much clothes and I would finish all my school and get a really good, good job in Paris I would be a very busy person like always going out of the city visiting too many cities and be good in everything.

I’m going to be a girl that always is going to be happy she always going to be a person that everybody can trust her and they can go talk to her without worry if Is she going to hear me? Or does she have a time for me? I want to be a girl that always is going to be there for her friends and do good thing for other people. I’m going to be a tall person, lovely, responsible, not lazy, with energy, and all that stuff. I’m a get married with a man that loves me and I love him too, who respect me at every second, and treat me good like a person.

When I change my life I want to be good with everyone I want to be someone important in this life who everybody respect for who she is, not just because she said so, I want to have respect from the others for the things I have done, for the things that I do for others in this planet or for the things that I do for my people. Because in this planet or in my city the people that do great things for other are respected they are not just one person in here.

In my new life I want to be famous because I want to learn how to draw a really good pictures I want to be famous in that way and when I have my children I want them to be really good in something in whatever they want but I want them to be good in something I don’t want them to be nothing in this world because everybody is something but they have to look for what they are because nobody in this world is sent to nothing everybody have to help on something and that’s why this world is how it is because too much people is in the streets doing nothing because they don’t look for what they are. So I want them to be something really good like they mother.

In this world I want to change something like how is the world in this moments to help this planet because if nobody take care of this planet this planet is going to end bad or just is going to explode because the humans just came to do nothing in here we are just hurting the earth and I think someone needs to do something and if I have the opportunity to change this planet I’ll do it because I want something good to my sons and the sons of my sons I want them to live good or just to live a better live in here. I want for them a clean planet so they can live a better life without doing things to help the planet. And anyways the people always are going to have to do at least little things to help this planet because without our help this is going to end.

So that’s how I want to be if I have the opportunity to change my life instantly and I’m thinking that I can change it by my own because if I do things to do what I want to do I think I can change a little bit in this planet and if we all the people say the same thing that they want to change this planet or themselves I think we can do it because the only thing that I want to change is the planet I care too much about the animal and that’s what I want to do in here. And I want to found out what I’m here for so that’s what I’m going to do look for what I’m here, and always try to be a better person.

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