Thursday, June 10, 2010

My "How To" Manual

I’m going to explain you how to clean a kitchen and live it all clean so when somebody comes to you house everything in your kitchen is clean. First you put all the ditches in the sink, and when you have all the ditches in the sink you wash them and live them in a space near the sink and live them dry. Then when all the ditches are dry you put them in the cabinet. You can wash the ditches with special soap for ditches but with one to make bubbles so every junk is clean.


When you are cleaning the refrigerator you have to pull out the entire things that are inside, then with water and Clorox you clean all the little spaces that are in the refrigerator and when you are finish, you put thing by thing in the refrigerator but cleaning the things like the bottles or something like that and you clean thing by thing, but you don’t put in the things that are expired because you can’t eat those things because you can get sick. And you keep doing that every like month so you refrigerator don’t be all dirty and gross.


The stove you have to clean it like every day because that the thing that always is dirty and you have to clean it with too much things so that can be clean. You have to pull out the things that you can, and you clean it with some water and Clorox and some other things so your stove can be clean, first you spray you stove with some disinfectant and you live it for like 5 minutes, then you clean it with a rag, when all those things are clean you return everything to their places, and there is a clean stove.


The cabinets, if they are made of wood you can buy a thing to spray them and the wood it’s going to be like very shiny, or you can clean with a spray to clean whatever you want and clean it with a napkin and it’s going to be clean that’s what you can do to clean the cabinets.

Other little stuff in your kitchen…

You can spray them with windows and they are going to be clean but you have to clean them with a napkin and some other things so they can smell good, and you put them in the place that they were. And you have to put everything in order so they look good, and your kitchen looks clean.


In the table first you clean it with a rag and live them without a little trash and after you can clean it with a spray if it like a glass you can clean it with a windows and that clean it and live it very cool but if it’s wood you can clean it with the thing you clean the cabinets and that is going to be clean too.

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