Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Purpose In This World Essay

My life is good because I have what I need. I have my mom, brothers and stepfather and a big family with me. They always listen to me they always with me my mom always is with me she help me with my problems she always is there when i need her she is my hero. My brothers I need them to live because they are everything I can't live without them. When I'm sad they always do thing to make me happy they are always fighting with me they make my life good and happy. I'm happy because I have a school to study I realized that I don't have a good grades but my dreams and hopes are getting up those grades and if I can get a scholarship so I can study in a good college then go to the university, I want to go to the Sand Diego university they have good classes in there and I really like that school I'm feeling like if I can I'm going to go to that school find a job and start my life. Making money starting with a little job and studying to get a fabulous work I want to be something big in this life I don’t want to be a women that stays in her house all day just sleeping or just with my kids doing nothing I want to be a good mom so my sons and daughters don’t be a bad persons I want to give them a good life. Like my mom is giving one to me right now.

I think that the life always is good depends on what you wasted It, If you get into drugs and do things that you don’t suppose to do your life is always going to be a bad life and you always are going to say why I live or why I’m here God created you for something but the thing is that you have to look for what is that thing that he created you for. Every human have a special thing in them but they have to look for it. And if you start a good life living it at the fullest you always are going to be someone that everybody remembers. My life is also awesome because I have my boyfriend that makes my life fun and also exiting, because when we are together we have lots and lots of fun!
And that’s why I think that my life is amazing because I have a healthy life, drug free happy life.

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