Wednesday, June 16, 2010

School Uniforms

I think we shouldn’t use uniforms because some uniforms make you look equal to others in your school and that is not good like you look the same as others and most of the students doesn’t like the uniforms maybe in some school they need to put uniforms but it’s hard to us to use it because at some people doesn’t like it and they doesn’t use it like it is and that’s hard to the schools because they are going to be like all the day checking at the students and they are always going to be worried.

I think sometimes it’s good to have uniforms, but for the parents of the students sometimes it’s hard to find it because not everywhere they have the size of the student or they don’t have the money and if you don’t have the uniform, but always there are places that you can buy them and it’s not expensive or you can make it by yourself and sometimes you feel better because the uniform that you make it’s your size and you don’t feel it like big or small for you, you feel it perfect.

I know that when they use uniforms the students lose their style and their individuality, and when they lose that they don’t feel good and when someone don’t feel good they don’t learn and that is bad for the school because they lose and the kids start to be bad in school and they have problems with those guys and that is not good because we are here to study, and they are hurting us affording us to use the uniforms. But they have to feel good because when you are in the school with clothes sometimes you don’t know what to use and when you hang out with your friends you put it on the clothes that you all ready use and you don’t feel special that day and you feel like every day in your life because you are always using normal clothes for the school and to hang out.

Using uniforms and not using uniforms in the schools have good and bad things both of those because:

When you don’t use you can use colors of gangs or things to short or thing that you don’t suppose to use but when you don’t use it you can use your own style and some people feels good with that and they show to others that they are different in a different way because the clothes of the people reflect too much your mood you personality and that’s good for the students.

But, when you use uniform, some students doesn’t use it like it suppose to be or everyone use like different colors and some parents don’t find the uniform or they don’t have money to buy it and that’s sad and at the same time that good the uniforms because everybody looks the same and they don’t look like different in economy like and sometimes the guys make differences in the students like that guy is poor because this or that, but when you have uniform they can’t say that because everybody looks the same and they can’t say nothing because they don’t know how the people live and they can’t talk about it, and that’s really sad when people talk about other people and that feels bad and sometimes you make the people feel sad.

I think that we should use uniforms because at the same time makes the people be equal and the people doesn’t make other people feel bad about their clothes and that stuff, and when you hang out you can put it on whatever you want because I think that nobody see you every day with the clothes in other way they say, she use thins one that time or stuff like that and we don’t have enough money to be buying clothes every time we go to somewhere, because that in some way bug because sometimes you don’t know what to buy because you say I all ready have that or that and you don’t feel good, and when you are in the school you concentrate more because you are not seeing the people around you, because they have the same clothes as you and you can’t say she have this or that.

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