Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Letter To The President.

Dear President:
                Hello my name is Magali, I’m 15 years old, I assist to Atrisco Heritage Academy High school, as you can see us as teen agers care about the environment and I think that the congress should give us the chance to speak what we think, in matters of environmental disasters.
                I’m encouraging you to think before you do anything, because like people say “Be as smart as you can, but remember that it is always better to be wise than to be smart”. I’m telling you this because sometimes, we think that just because we are smart we know everything, and that is a lie because we need other people so we can do the right thing. And if you are wise, you don’t have to be that smart you just need to figure that what you want to do might not work. Me as a person and student, I’m really concern because; we are talking about our world, and how we are getting our mother nature tired, my friends and people around me are really worried too because they don’t want this oil spill to get bigger , and bigger every time.
                We aren’t blaming you for this disaster, that is killing hundreds of animals, but we do want to let you know that we care, even though we are not as mature as other people that think that they know everything, because knowing everything doest make you perfect, it just makes you a boring person. Like Pablo Picasso said “Action is the foundational key to all success”.  Let’s take action now that we can still control the oil spill, and let’s not let humans like BP that think that the world belongs to them, and that they think that just because God offered us this earth to live in, they can take over it and destroy anything that gets in their way. We can’t let them do this again and let’s make them pay for all the bad things they have done to our Beaches and our tourist places all along the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Islands, those people are hurting Mother Nature and they don’t stop, and I know that they are not going to stop because they don’t care, about other people, they just care about themselves.
                Another thing they are stilling money out of our pockets, they pump out the oil for like a dollar and they are selling it to us with a price of 2.69.99, they just want the money they don’t care about anything. When all this finishes let’s not let them open their company again, because all they are going to do is affect our environments, and kill animals, and if they did all that it’s because they see that nobody is going to tell them anything. So NOW is the time, which we can stop all this.
                It’s not too late to save our world, and let’s make it a better place for our next generations to live in. lets teach them to take care of our world, like if it was their own body!.

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