Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Love Murder Mystery

Like 3 hundred years ago there was a girl that she always was dreaming with the day that one guy went to her house and rescue her from her big stepmother, the girls was a really cute girl but she thought she was ugly because the mother always tell her that she was ugly and all that stuff. The girl had a diary where she always put her thoughts and what happened to her she always was in her room, because the mother doesn’t let her go out and nothing.

One day in the morning she found a flower in her room and she ask herself “where does this flower come from”, she was al confused because nobody couldn’t went throw the house and enter to live a flower in her room, after that she hide the flower where the mother couldn’t find it. Then the mother yelled at her and said “Carolina what do you think if you don’t come down in 1 minute you don’t eat in a week”!!! And then Carolina said “yes mom I’m going” then she went down stairs and sat down to eat. Then when she finished, she return to her room, after she wash the dishes. She was all confused because the flower. Then the next day happened the same thing and after a week she had 7 flowers in her room. She didn’t know who was it but she want it to know then that day she didn’t sleep and in the middle of the night she heard something in her room then she get up then everything disappear.

That day in the city of Yopomera was a dance in the night of that Saturday then Carolina want it to go but her mother doesn’t let her go because in the dance will be the prince of the city and the mother want the prince for her because the daughter of her husband was the only girl that she had because her dad died when she was little then the mother couldn’t have more babies. Then Carolina tell her mother that if she can go to the dance but the mother said “Yes if you finish to clean my room every little centimeter of my room has to be clean and you room and all the house, then if you finish you can go” then the girl said “but mom I’m not going to finish”, Then her mom said “well I’m sorry for you”.

Then after that time She finish to clean her house then she went to the dance at that time it was 11:00 when the prince came out then the girl was at the door of the castle then he saw her and went straight to her everybody was looking at them then the mother saw her and run to her and told her we have to go… then she said “but…” and the mother said “but nothing”.

After that day Carolina was all happy because she saw the prince, but her mother was all mad because he went throw her stepdaughter she was all mad at her and she didn’t let her go out and nothing.

Then one night in the room of the girl went a white bird and let the flower in her room and she said”no wait who are you? Who sent you?” and then the white bird said” oh quack I can’t tell you who sent me quack because you don’t suppose to see me” and the girl said “Oh my god you can talk” then the white bird said “Well yes I can but promises me that you aren’t going to tell anyone” then Carolina said “Yes I promise you, but please tell me who sent you” then the white bird said”Ok I’m going to tell you. It was the prince” then she told the white bird “The prince? He doesn’t even know where I live” then the white bird said “Well that’s what you think”.

Then the next day the prince was looking for the little girl, He went to her house bit her mother tell him that she wasn’t there then the girl went down stair and saw the prince then the prince went to h” then they left and live the stepmother in the house and everybody live and the prince and the princess stay together forever.

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