Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To Do List

1 .Be a better person.
2. Be a better sister.
3. Be good in the school.
4. Get good grades.
5. Be better daughter.
6. Be a good girlfriend.
7. Don't miss the school.
8. Be better in my house.
9. Be better with Ms. George.
10. Graduate from high school.
11. Start a carrier
12. Visit other places
13. Meet different people.
14. Look for new friends.
15. Help people that need help.
16. Get married.
17. Have 3 or 4 kids.
18. Name my kids Linda, Daniel,and Inodoro...
19. Be a good mom.
20. Be a good wife.
21. Be a successful profesionost.
22. Show my kids respect for live.
23. Teach my family the value that life has.
24. Show my family how to love and respect each other.
25. Demonstrate respect, to my kids.
26. Show my kids that money is not for everything.

I want to be a better person because; I know that if I am better person I have more opportunities, of having good friends. I also want to be a good sister because I know that family always goes first and that my family is the most important thing in the world to me. I want to be a better student in my school because I know that if I get good grades I can get a scholarship and I can go to college and in the future get a good job. I want to be good daughter because sometimes I’m not that good with my mom when I’m mad I yelled at her and she gets sad that’s why I want to be a good daughter. And I don’t want to miss the school again because the last year I always came late and all that stuff and I don’t want to be late no more because that can affect my grades.

I want to be better in my house help my mom to clean my house and help her to take care of my brothers when she is not there. I want to make new friends in different parts of the world because when you have friends in different parts of the world too much things are different like you can go to visit them and then you can go around the city and take a look at the city that would be cool. And I also want to help people if they need it because in this world there are too much people that need help from other. Some kids that need food.

When I grow up I want to married with a guy that loves me, that takes cares of me and I want to have 3 kids and take care of them then adopt one. I want to have a big family I want to show respect to them that they need to have respect to other no matter who they are.

That is why I want to be a better person in this life because if you are a better person everybody respects you, and you get a good job and everybody takes you seriously.

I want to be a good girlfriend because in that way my boyfriend be good too and we’ll be together too much time and maybe we’ll married in the future because I love him too much and I think he loves me too and I want to be Forever with him. And being a good person in this world I think I’m going to get all I want and I’m going to be more happy with me and with my family and everybody is going to like me.

This is why I want to be a good person and be good in this world to have better opportunities and be good in my school and with the things that I always do like in my house or with my brother.

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