Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Letter To The President.

Dear President:
                Hello my name is Magali, I’m 15 years old, I assist to Atrisco Heritage Academy High school, as you can see us as teen agers care about the environment and I think that the congress should give us the chance to speak what we think, in matters of environmental disasters.
                I’m encouraging you to think before you do anything, because like people say “Be as smart as you can, but remember that it is always better to be wise than to be smart”. I’m telling you this because sometimes, we think that just because we are smart we know everything, and that is a lie because we need other people so we can do the right thing. And if you are wise, you don’t have to be that smart you just need to figure that what you want to do might not work. Me as a person and student, I’m really concern because; we are talking about our world, and how we are getting our mother nature tired, my friends and people around me are really worried too because they don’t want this oil spill to get bigger , and bigger every time.
                We aren’t blaming you for this disaster, that is killing hundreds of animals, but we do want to let you know that we care, even though we are not as mature as other people that think that they know everything, because knowing everything doest make you perfect, it just makes you a boring person. Like Pablo Picasso said “Action is the foundational key to all success”.  Let’s take action now that we can still control the oil spill, and let’s not let humans like BP that think that the world belongs to them, and that they think that just because God offered us this earth to live in, they can take over it and destroy anything that gets in their way. We can’t let them do this again and let’s make them pay for all the bad things they have done to our Beaches and our tourist places all along the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Islands, those people are hurting Mother Nature and they don’t stop, and I know that they are not going to stop because they don’t care, about other people, they just care about themselves.
                Another thing they are stilling money out of our pockets, they pump out the oil for like a dollar and they are selling it to us with a price of 2.69.99, they just want the money they don’t care about anything. When all this finishes let’s not let them open their company again, because all they are going to do is affect our environments, and kill animals, and if they did all that it’s because they see that nobody is going to tell them anything. So NOW is the time, which we can stop all this.
                It’s not too late to save our world, and let’s make it a better place for our next generations to live in. lets teach them to take care of our world, like if it was their own body!.

My Last Essay

My three weeks in here were amazing because I didn’t know too much thing that I know now; this class helps me too much in my English and in my way to think about the things that I didn’t know or that I didn’t think about before, this class help me too much to understand that we need to help our planet and not be lazy to do things in this world because this world needs our help and we are not doing nothing to help and the planet helps us too much.

I learned about the movie, that we need to take care about what is happening in the planet that we didn’t know, because we are always doing things but not to helps other just to help us and that not right, we have to raise our hands and say the thing that we need to speak to other, to let them know that this planet need our help.

I learned about that we always need to right thing even if we don’t know how to write a poem or write an essay we have to always write because that help our minds to be good and to be thinking about what do you want to write and that helps our brain to learned more about things, learned about things that are happening around us, the things good and the bad too because maybe when the things are bad we can help and we don’t know because we don’t know what is happening around us, I love this planet and I love to be helping this.

I also learned about Mr. Leh because he is one of the person that we need in this world because he always is doing things to helps this planet and thanks to that we now know about this planet and the world because he show us why is this happening he opened our eyes and make us see what is really happening because a lot of us didn’t know what was happening or we knew but we didn’t take that attention that we already are taking, he show us how is this world is working and he show us that we can do something even we are 15 or 16 or whatever ages we are we can talk and they took our opinions, he show us that we don’t have to be 21 or 18 to vote, because we are people and every little kid or adult or teenager count in this world, he is one of the people that we need in this world and people like him are disappearing and we don’t want that because we need people to show us.

I think I learned too much in this class, about everything about me, about school, about, the planet, about too much things that before I didn’t know. Now I know that I can tell people about this about what are we doing in this planet that we didn’t came to this planet just to came, no because we came here to do something but we need to look for what. I love my planet and I want to save it. I think that’s what I learned and for me is more than a year studying in here.

Recognizing Adjectives

Fisrt time I did it:
1st: 20
2nd: 23
3rd: 27

School Uniforms

I think we shouldn’t use uniforms because some uniforms make you look equal to others in your school and that is not good like you look the same as others and most of the students doesn’t like the uniforms maybe in some school they need to put uniforms but it’s hard to us to use it because at some people doesn’t like it and they doesn’t use it like it is and that’s hard to the schools because they are going to be like all the day checking at the students and they are always going to be worried.

I think sometimes it’s good to have uniforms, but for the parents of the students sometimes it’s hard to find it because not everywhere they have the size of the student or they don’t have the money and if you don’t have the uniform, but always there are places that you can buy them and it’s not expensive or you can make it by yourself and sometimes you feel better because the uniform that you make it’s your size and you don’t feel it like big or small for you, you feel it perfect.

I know that when they use uniforms the students lose their style and their individuality, and when they lose that they don’t feel good and when someone don’t feel good they don’t learn and that is bad for the school because they lose and the kids start to be bad in school and they have problems with those guys and that is not good because we are here to study, and they are hurting us affording us to use the uniforms. But they have to feel good because when you are in the school with clothes sometimes you don’t know what to use and when you hang out with your friends you put it on the clothes that you all ready use and you don’t feel special that day and you feel like every day in your life because you are always using normal clothes for the school and to hang out.

Using uniforms and not using uniforms in the schools have good and bad things both of those because:

When you don’t use you can use colors of gangs or things to short or thing that you don’t suppose to use but when you don’t use it you can use your own style and some people feels good with that and they show to others that they are different in a different way because the clothes of the people reflect too much your mood you personality and that’s good for the students.

But, when you use uniform, some students doesn’t use it like it suppose to be or everyone use like different colors and some parents don’t find the uniform or they don’t have money to buy it and that’s sad and at the same time that good the uniforms because everybody looks the same and they don’t look like different in economy like and sometimes the guys make differences in the students like that guy is poor because this or that, but when you have uniform they can’t say that because everybody looks the same and they can’t say nothing because they don’t know how the people live and they can’t talk about it, and that’s really sad when people talk about other people and that feels bad and sometimes you make the people feel sad.

I think that we should use uniforms because at the same time makes the people be equal and the people doesn’t make other people feel bad about their clothes and that stuff, and when you hang out you can put it on whatever you want because I think that nobody see you every day with the clothes in other way they say, she use thins one that time or stuff like that and we don’t have enough money to be buying clothes every time we go to somewhere, because that in some way bug because sometimes you don’t know what to buy because you say I all ready have that or that and you don’t feel good, and when you are in the school you concentrate more because you are not seeing the people around you, because they have the same clothes as you and you can’t say she have this or that.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Unique Essay

What makes me different from the other people is that I’m small, different because everybody in this world is different. I’m cool when the other people is cool with me, I’m shy when I don’t know the people with I’m, I’m jealous when my boyfriend do something to make me like that, I’m curious when something is weird or doesn’t make sense, I’m weird when I’m doing something because I always have my tongue out of my mouth that weird for me or when I’m really concentrate, I’m a really special, I think I’m special to my friends and to my mom, and to my family. That’s why I’m different from the others.

When I grew up I want to be remembering for the things I’ve done. Because when I grow up if I have money and I work hard I want to help kids and I want to give them like food and some help because some kids need that help and need some love from the others because some kids don’t have father or the parents don’t want them and live them in a orphan and that’s sad because yeah and I want to be remembering because that because I’ve help people and kids because the kids are everything in this world because they are going to be the people of the future and I want a future good for my family next to me. And I want to be remember from my sons and daughters, like when they grow up and I died I want them to say oh she was a good mother or stuff like that I don’t want them to say oh thanks god she died, I want them to say she was a good mother, she was a good aunt or daughter I don’t want my family to cry when I died. I want my family to say she was a good person and I want to live in the memories of my people forever.

I think the nicest thing that I have done for someone is for my mom I guess I always do things for her because she my hero she is the one who understands me, she always knows when I’m sad or happy, she is the person that is always there for me, and I think she is going to be always there I love her so much, she is my everything, and I always try to do things for her like help her and do whatever I have to do for her happiness because she was the one who give me this life and she was the one who had me for 9 months in her stomach and I guess she loves me like I do, I do things good to my brothers they are my other life I love them nobody do, they are my everything, they are like my friends, my I don’t know what I would do without them they are my happiness. I think yeah that’s the nicest things that I have done in my life they are for my family because everything in my life is my family. I love them.

The greatest lesson in my life is that I need to thanks my mom and god to give me this life because the life is the most important thing in the world and I think the lesson is that we need to appreciate what we have and never lied to anyone about your family or the thing that you have because in this planet everybody counts not because they have money or they are pretty every body counts no matter if they are ugly or pretty if they are tall or short if they are rich or poor in this life everybody should count because we all are humans not animals and everybody should treat everybody the same, not just because you are rich you have to treat people different or treat them like an animals, because everybody have the same rights and everybody should be treat right. In this world other lesson is that you have to appreciate the life, and you don’t have to smoke and do things that you don’t have to do because some people is not healthy thanks to that to the drugs and all that stuff people aren’t healthy. And that is affecting the planet, because when you smoke you don’t just destruct yourself you destruct the planet too, and the people like that the people that smoke and do drugs and all that stuff thinks that they don’t do anything and they are just doing it for themselves but no they are destructing everyone in the world, and that other lesson that I need to learn that we have to take care of this planet and we have to live our lives in whatever time we are because the life’s is good. And we have to appreciate it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Subject-Verb Agreement

Fist time I did it:
1st:  7 correct
2nd: 7 correct
3rd: 13 correct

My "How To" Manual

I’m going to explain you how to clean a kitchen and live it all clean so when somebody comes to you house everything in your kitchen is clean. First you put all the ditches in the sink, and when you have all the ditches in the sink you wash them and live them in a space near the sink and live them dry. Then when all the ditches are dry you put them in the cabinet. You can wash the ditches with special soap for ditches but with one to make bubbles so every junk is clean.


When you are cleaning the refrigerator you have to pull out the entire things that are inside, then with water and Clorox you clean all the little spaces that are in the refrigerator and when you are finish, you put thing by thing in the refrigerator but cleaning the things like the bottles or something like that and you clean thing by thing, but you don’t put in the things that are expired because you can’t eat those things because you can get sick. And you keep doing that every like month so you refrigerator don’t be all dirty and gross.


The stove you have to clean it like every day because that the thing that always is dirty and you have to clean it with too much things so that can be clean. You have to pull out the things that you can, and you clean it with some water and Clorox and some other things so your stove can be clean, first you spray you stove with some disinfectant and you live it for like 5 minutes, then you clean it with a rag, when all those things are clean you return everything to their places, and there is a clean stove.


The cabinets, if they are made of wood you can buy a thing to spray them and the wood it’s going to be like very shiny, or you can clean with a spray to clean whatever you want and clean it with a napkin and it’s going to be clean that’s what you can do to clean the cabinets.

Other little stuff in your kitchen…

You can spray them with windows and they are going to be clean but you have to clean them with a napkin and some other things so they can smell good, and you put them in the place that they were. And you have to put everything in order so they look good, and your kitchen looks clean.


In the table first you clean it with a rag and live them without a little trash and after you can clean it with a spray if it like a glass you can clean it with a windows and that clean it and live it very cool but if it’s wood you can clean it with the thing you clean the cabinets and that is going to be clean too.