Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Last Essay

My three weeks in here were amazing because I didn’t know too much thing that I know now; this class helps me too much in my English and in my way to think about the things that I didn’t know or that I didn’t think about before, this class help me too much to understand that we need to help our planet and not be lazy to do things in this world because this world needs our help and we are not doing nothing to help and the planet helps us too much.

I learned about the movie, that we need to take care about what is happening in the planet that we didn’t know, because we are always doing things but not to helps other just to help us and that not right, we have to raise our hands and say the thing that we need to speak to other, to let them know that this planet need our help.

I learned about that we always need to right thing even if we don’t know how to write a poem or write an essay we have to always write because that help our minds to be good and to be thinking about what do you want to write and that helps our brain to learned more about things, learned about things that are happening around us, the things good and the bad too because maybe when the things are bad we can help and we don’t know because we don’t know what is happening around us, I love this planet and I love to be helping this.

I also learned about Mr. Leh because he is one of the person that we need in this world because he always is doing things to helps this planet and thanks to that we now know about this planet and the world because he show us why is this happening he opened our eyes and make us see what is really happening because a lot of us didn’t know what was happening or we knew but we didn’t take that attention that we already are taking, he show us how is this world is working and he show us that we can do something even we are 15 or 16 or whatever ages we are we can talk and they took our opinions, he show us that we don’t have to be 21 or 18 to vote, because we are people and every little kid or adult or teenager count in this world, he is one of the people that we need in this world and people like him are disappearing and we don’t want that because we need people to show us.

I think I learned too much in this class, about everything about me, about school, about, the planet, about too much things that before I didn’t know. Now I know that I can tell people about this about what are we doing in this planet that we didn’t came to this planet just to came, no because we came here to do something but we need to look for what. I love my planet and I want to save it. I think that’s what I learned and for me is more than a year studying in here.

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