Friday, June 4, 2010

Avatar Compare To The Real world

In this movie I learned to much things about the world and about that we need to stay together in every moment because in here are too much people that want to hurt this world doing thing bad to the forest and to the world. I think this world is getting worst and worst if we don’t do anything to save this it.

I saw in the movie some guys try to destroy the world of the Avatar but the Avatar get together to destroy them, and that’s what we have to do with the people that want to destroy this entire world and if we don’t help it’s going to get worst. Because the people that are destroying this is the people that just want the money in their hands they think that the money is everything and they don’t care the forest the animal and all that stuff because I think they’re dumb they just think in themselves. And I think that when we go to other places we should at least take care of that. Because when we go to other places we just go to destroy them or do thing that we don’t suppose to do like hurt people or just hurt the planet throwing trash at the floor or in the streets. Or when we to the sea we throw papers or food at the sea when sometimes we don’t know what that trash can do.

What I saw in the movie was that all the Avatars where together in everything every body counts in their opinions and the king not always say the right things and everybody follow him and that’s what is happening in here that sometimes some presidents say things that are not right for other people or for the people that just want to help. I think everybody had the same rights to vote or say they’re opinion. In this world we should teach the children what they should do in the future because they are going to be the people of the future we should teach them that they need to take care of the trees and the insects that are in this planet because without the insects we can’t live and the insects can live without the people because the planet without the people will be the same as it was before.

In the movie the Avatar I saw that they love each other and they take care of each other in the world and I think that is the thing that we should do in this planet too, because if we don’t love each other we can’t do nothing together and the world is going to be the same and is going to continue like that. Then what we should do is use our brain and think well so we can do better things to this world because if we don’t do the right things to this planet we are going to finish with this planet and is not going to be more of this and our children are not going to have a good life where they can live good and live free. We need a better life, we need to help our planet!!!

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