Friday, June 11, 2010

Unique Essay

What makes me different from the other people is that I’m small, different because everybody in this world is different. I’m cool when the other people is cool with me, I’m shy when I don’t know the people with I’m, I’m jealous when my boyfriend do something to make me like that, I’m curious when something is weird or doesn’t make sense, I’m weird when I’m doing something because I always have my tongue out of my mouth that weird for me or when I’m really concentrate, I’m a really special, I think I’m special to my friends and to my mom, and to my family. That’s why I’m different from the others.

When I grew up I want to be remembering for the things I’ve done. Because when I grow up if I have money and I work hard I want to help kids and I want to give them like food and some help because some kids need that help and need some love from the others because some kids don’t have father or the parents don’t want them and live them in a orphan and that’s sad because yeah and I want to be remembering because that because I’ve help people and kids because the kids are everything in this world because they are going to be the people of the future and I want a future good for my family next to me. And I want to be remember from my sons and daughters, like when they grow up and I died I want them to say oh she was a good mother or stuff like that I don’t want them to say oh thanks god she died, I want them to say she was a good mother, she was a good aunt or daughter I don’t want my family to cry when I died. I want my family to say she was a good person and I want to live in the memories of my people forever.

I think the nicest thing that I have done for someone is for my mom I guess I always do things for her because she my hero she is the one who understands me, she always knows when I’m sad or happy, she is the person that is always there for me, and I think she is going to be always there I love her so much, she is my everything, and I always try to do things for her like help her and do whatever I have to do for her happiness because she was the one who give me this life and she was the one who had me for 9 months in her stomach and I guess she loves me like I do, I do things good to my brothers they are my other life I love them nobody do, they are my everything, they are like my friends, my I don’t know what I would do without them they are my happiness. I think yeah that’s the nicest things that I have done in my life they are for my family because everything in my life is my family. I love them.

The greatest lesson in my life is that I need to thanks my mom and god to give me this life because the life is the most important thing in the world and I think the lesson is that we need to appreciate what we have and never lied to anyone about your family or the thing that you have because in this planet everybody counts not because they have money or they are pretty every body counts no matter if they are ugly or pretty if they are tall or short if they are rich or poor in this life everybody should count because we all are humans not animals and everybody should treat everybody the same, not just because you are rich you have to treat people different or treat them like an animals, because everybody have the same rights and everybody should be treat right. In this world other lesson is that you have to appreciate the life, and you don’t have to smoke and do things that you don’t have to do because some people is not healthy thanks to that to the drugs and all that stuff people aren’t healthy. And that is affecting the planet, because when you smoke you don’t just destruct yourself you destruct the planet too, and the people like that the people that smoke and do drugs and all that stuff thinks that they don’t do anything and they are just doing it for themselves but no they are destructing everyone in the world, and that other lesson that I need to learn that we have to take care of this planet and we have to live our lives in whatever time we are because the life’s is good. And we have to appreciate it.

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