Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oil Spill

A technician of BP command center say that they need to stopped the fluid while the engineers were revising their plans and the company hoped to the resume pumping by midnight, If federal officers approved. The technician that spoke in anonymity said that the problem was not seen as serious “We’re still quite optimistic,” He said, but cautioned: “It is not assured and its not a done deal yet. All of this will require some time.”
If the water continues like that the animals would died in the water and we never are going to eat fish and some other stuff from the water. Anyways so let’s try to stop global warming and the oil spill, many animals are going to start having diseases and if we eat those animals we are going to be in danger of a serious death etc.
Out tourist places like the sea are going to be close because our oceans, and seas are going to be dirty. And if it starts raining oil and touches our skin we can have skin problems, like cancer and serious allergies to the sun and stuff that can affect our health and our body.
So that’s why we need to help to take care of our ocean and help the sea to recover from all those natural disasters that have been occurring because of global warming!

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